Top 5 Things Secretly Sabotaging your Health

September 30, 2022

The top 5 things secretly sabotaging your health will shock you. It’s sometimes the things we overlook, but their significance may be more impactful than you imagined.

Have you ever wondered why getting healthy is so hard? Here’s your checklist to consider and tips to help you find success.

top 5 things secretly sabotaging your health

#1 Your Sleep Schedule

1 in 4 Americans suffer from Chronic Insomnia, but even patterns and periods of sleepless or disturbed sleep can cause serious health concerns. It’s time to turn off those intoxicating TikTok videos and Go to Bed! Sleep and the stress response share the same pathway in our brain. Blue light brain interference emitted from our electronic devices disrupt our necessary and natural circadian rhythm.

Sleep hack specialist say, set a timer to start your turn down schedule. Setting an alarm 30 minutes before your scheduled bedtime gives you a personal reminder that it’s time to pare-down your activity and devices. This is great for the whole family.

#2 Your House

Busy and disorganized bedrooms create an energy that’s tough to recover and rest. Unorganized kitchen and pantries can cause you choosing quick and easy foods, not healthy and satisfying.

There’s a reason TV shows @thehomeedit and @mariekondo about home organization have become wildly popular. And following these clutter gurus on instagram offers a fun way to shape your organizational adventure at home. Good Housekeeping also offers fantastic solutions to finding balance and Zen in your home.

#3 Your Relationship with Food

The story of our food is cultural, generational and societal and our relationship with food is often inherited both mentally and emotionally. And our exposure and need for comfort items to reward ourselves is deeply ingrained in that history. “Why did I ‘need’ that cookie?” A coaching client asked me recently. The answer is incredibly complex and simple in the same moment. The thing you needed in that moment wasn’t a cookie, but an opportunity to feel rewarded for all the hard work and effort you accomplished. A deep-seated need to have your efforts recognized and mass commercial influenced advertising has caused generations to become addicted to the reward response and chemical effects of sugar in our brains. Good news! This is an addiction you can break and working with coach can offer you the edge you need.

your relationship with food

#4 Your Job

Stress culture and Chronic Desk Chair Posture (DCP) are a recipe for Spine, Heart and Adrenal disease. Prolonged sitting puts significant stress on spinal structures as well as other joints, such as the shoulders and hips, especially when sitting with poor posture, says Dr. Holder of Yale medicine. Stress also finds it’s way into our workday no matter what job or career we’ve chosen, in fact business publications are even warning companies about how it’s costing them money. The medical profession even gave it a new title, Moral Injury. So how do we avoid work stresses that sabotage? Boundaries.

I’ve heard often in my coaching, especially in private agency and government positions, that a reward for a job well-done is more work.If a boss sees you as capable or accommodating, responsibilities will likely be added to your plate. Veteran Government Employee, Coach and Podcast Host, Love Rutledge brings these issues to light in her FedUpward Interviews and much more. Here’s how you say, “No, thank you,” according to another favorite seasoned pro of mine.

#5. Your Partner

Sometimes your support person isn’t so supportive. If your values for health and wellness don’t align sharing meals, responsibilities and how you spend your time can create real conflict. Having constructive conversations and asking for your partner’s assistance can go a long way. This person loves you and wants the best for your health. Letting them know specifically where they can support you gives them an opportunity to be part of your success and encourages them to also improve their own health. Teamwork!

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