Delicious Soup Season!

September 26, 2022

It’s delicious soup season, or what I like to call “The most Wonderful Time of the Year!” Marrying our favorite summer produce with all the spices of holiday cheer ahead, there’s no better culinary pairing. Soups are also a fun way to feel full going into going into this holiday season of calorie temptations. Here’s my delicious soup season favorite recipes and of course a little history of why soup has stood the test of culinary history. Bon Appetite!

delicious soup season

History of Soup

There’s no doubt that delicious soup’s beginning likely dates back to the invention of fire. The soup-tastic story historians and archeologist alike agree give most credit around 20,000 BC to the use of mud vessels or clay pots. Soup has shaped cultures and defined geographic communities. Some believe soup was a way for poor communities to stretch their nutritional resources by cooking and ‘watering down’ in famine time periods. And we all know some of the best soups, see Gazpacho, don’t require fire at all. For every civilization who’s story included soup, it’s recipes read just like it’s colorful and unique history. Like their very own flavor etymology.

Modern Day Delicious

Soups come in all textures, tastes, seasons and temperature and can pack a powerful nutritional punch. I grew up in an amazing culture community where “canning” was king. A clever way to preserve seasonal vegetables to enjoy in winter months when planting outdoors was not an option. Here’s one of my favorite Vegetable Soup Recipes available online.

Looking for an absolutely delicious time save option? Souper Girl is my absolute favorite pre-made go to, based nearby in our District of Columbia. Souper Girl ships their super soup to nearly every state east of the mighty Mississippi!

Are Soups Really All That Healthy?

Choosing ideal nutrition for your metabolism is a great conversation to explore with your Nutrition Coach. While vegetable, protein and healthy fats make for a nutritiously dense power-packed meal, saturated and creamy fats can weigh you down in energy and pounds added. Seasoning and spices are excellent ways to add flavor and full-bodied taste without a 600 calorie tab.

Low Calorie Creamy Soup Hack*

Craving creamy soup? A popular method chefs use for creating that creamy soup texture you crave is called an immersion blender. Yep, wellness pros love food too, we have all the hacks.

Be Well and Try the Soup!

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