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I’m Daffney. Coach, Consultant, Health Professional and Mom. Throughout my life I’ve been an athlete and that competitive drive is at the core of who I am. I’ve spent over twenty years working professionally in the health and fitness industry. With Lift I create and implement personalized wellness solutions for clients and companies to meet their specific health, fitness, and wellbeing goals. I’m based in Loudoun County, VA, available virtually through out the World.

Every Great Athlete Began with an Amazing Coach

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Customized nutrition programming designed to fit your needs, and your specific lifestyle, from the grocery store to your kitchen.


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This is where the magic of personal success begins. Inspirational coaching sessions available for individuals, or the whole team. 360° Success Coaching and Programming for Companies and Leadership Teams available as well.


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Fitness Training

Individualized plans to meet your unique needs and keep you motivated on your journey to exceeding your health and fitness goals.

Jess T.

Working out with Daffney has given me confidence in my ability to push my limits physically and to try new things. I no longer doubt myself, and when I miss a goal, it only motivates me to work harder. I've trained with Daffney for several years. She has high but reasonable expectations, and she helps clients identify and work towards their individual goals. 

Haley E.

Coaching with you helped me not only tangibly in my business but also inwardly. Specifically, I loved that at the end of each session we did a wrap up, including noting some take-aways and homework! The takeaways were great to help keep me focused.  After each session I felt as if my options were endless and I was changing from a scarcity to an abundant mindset.

bob l.

After 30+ years of getting in and falling back out of shape for various reasons, Daffney is the one trainer who completely changed my workout habits, changed my eating habits, and eliminated my tendency to use excuses that were holding me back from achieving the fitness goals that lived deep inside me. 

david m.

 Daffney is unique in that she has the breadth of skills, experience, and training to spot and take on a weakness or injury and integrate it into a holistic approach. Her training goes from the extremes of occupational therapy through to nutrition with a knowledge base to discriminate between hot trends and useful developments.

jen k.

It’s hard to develop and know myself deeper and why I do the things I do. The behavior component is huge and I recognize that now. I have more self confidence and better awareness of myself and I’m more mindful of my behaviors, both mental and physical...and emotional, too!


I can't wait to meet you!  People who know me will definitely tell you that I’ve never met a stranger. From my local Coffee Shop to an International Airport, I’m constantly making new friends. Being curious about people, and wanting to get to know them, is a very big part of who I am. Let me give you the lift you've always needed.

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