Not reaching your goal?

August 29, 2022

The reason you’re not reaching your goal is simple. Here are 4 ways to rewrite your script for success.

reaching your goal

Not reaching your goal sucks, but the answer is simple. Ok, (exhale) here it is. It’s time to stop blaming motivation for your lack of discipline. Sometimes with coaching, a client can reach an impasse with what seems to be more excuses than dedication to their goal. While being the smiling coach is my preference, that tough-tone tough love voice is ready on call.

We all need a pep talk, a reboot or reevaluation when we are in the work of seeing our success. When discussing missed workouts, food sabotage or assignments, it’s not uncommon to hear about a distraction or lack of motivation.  Life is complicated, that’s what makes it so great. We’re not promised a perfect body or health and maintaining yourself mind, body and spirit need to be a priority to make the most of your years and ability. Ok, tough talk over.

So how can you be successful and stay motivated? (Of course, there’s a pep talk)

1. Choose a very specific Goal

The only way you can move towards a goal is to find a discernible target. Yes, it’s just that simple. When you set a target and a date to meet that goal you are organizing for success. Moving or adding to the goal is sabotage.  If your goal is huge, start small. Behavior Scientist, B.J. Fogg breaks into bite-size in Tiny Habits.

2. Set Your Watch

The dedicated time you set daily, yes, I said daily does not required the same time of day but it does require the same commitment. If you’re writing the great American novel or training for your first 5K, you are assigning yourself to what I and two of my favorite modern writer’s call “Entertaining the Muse.” What does that mean? If you expect to be successful you need to ‘Show up’ and pay respect to that goal if you intend to be successful. You show up and put your time in and brilliant success will be yours. Writer Steven Pressfield says it best in his recent book, Put Your Ass Where you’re Heart Wants to be.

3. Address Self-Sabatoge

You may be surprised that most failures to success start inside your own head.  The belief that you don’t deserve success or that the time you spend on yourself is selfish. People are often more dedicated to their Facebook profile than changing their real life pre-diabetic diagnosis.  You are incredible. We may have never met, but I can stay with complete confidence that you are incredible and you deserving of all the success you work for.  This is one of my favorite parts of coaching, seeing the realization of value and appreciation that’s so essential to seeing a goal through. Elizabeth Gilbert writes ‘Big Magic’ which is about finding courage and your own purpose.

4. Find Support

A trainer, a coach, a podcast, a trusted friend or even your dog.  Once you’ve designed your target, find the support you need and say your goal out loud everywhere you go. Goals come with hurdles. Support is important whether you need advising, organization or accountability.

I’m excited to hear about your success!

Be well and know “You’ve Got This!”

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