Feeling Stuck?

August 17, 2022

Feeling stuck is just part of the human condition. We’ve all felt stuck in a situation. Do these sound familiar?

“There are no datable men out there.” “I hate my boss.” “I just can’t lose the weight.” “My partner is nagging me again.” “Only 5 more years until I can retire.”

What does ‘feeling stuck’ feel like?

Being stuck is feeling a lack of power to change a situation. When we allow ourselves to continue to feel stuck, we often notice it in our physical body. Headaches, Neck and Muscular Pain, Digestive Issues, Lack of Energy, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Chronic Injury to name a few. When we are frozen by fear or indecision, we are also prone to overeat and choose unhealthy coping mechanisms.  How often do we hear, “I really need a drink” or “Ice Cream cures all?” While we all can enjoy an ice cream treat or an occasional cocktail, it’s the why and the habit that we should take note of.

feeling stuck

If you’ve been frustrated, fixated, or even frozen by fear over what’s next and what’s possible, start with these two simple questions:

How do I get Unstuck?

Identifying the stuck feeling is first.  By noticing that we as not able to move past a situation, feeling or mindset, you empower yourself to take responsibility for your role.

Challenging habits and circular beliefs around the thing you feel stuck with is second. So here is a great place to engage a coach. Your coach has the ability to keep you accountable and focused as you traverse this new terrain.

What is possible beyond this situation?

Sometimes looking at your “stuck-ing point” for so long, in one way, can be a difficult habit to break. There can even be a bit of fear about what is beyond that point.  One of the number one reasons we create habits as humans is to create comfort in our control or lack of control in this instance. Yes! Being unhappy can be a habit. We’ve all met that one person who has decidedly chosen their misery mindset habit. So having the resources and the ear of a valued coach can really move mountains. 

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Be Well and Be Unstuck!

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