Get Out of Your Head

July 24, 2022

Mindfulness. Sometimes saying F*ck It, is the only way to win.

Mindful balance

Many times while warming deep into my yoga asanas practice or even contemplating the length of wait time at the local DMV, I have found myself unconsciously taking this hand posture. After a fair amount of introspection I realized THIS is my quiet “F*ck it” signal to myself.  I don’t mean in a 90’s grundge-Avril Lagvine revival aggression towards those in eye shot of me, I mean in a Type A-societal pressured-perfectionist singing Frozen at the top of my lungs “Let it Go!”

I live to laugh and create solutions and levity for others, so this was just more reminder that my unconscious mind has a great sense of humor. Of course, in having this realization, I HAD to know the origin of the iconic middle-finger gesture and how it became so popular and so ingrained in my id.

Many hilarious google searched articles and theories later, my favorite of all surfaced. To which I say thank you 1889 Boston Beaneater’s Pitcher, Charles Radbourn for showing America how to silently convey our frustrations. Read more about this iconic gesture.

 “Old Hoss “was quite the rough and ready character, but unknowingly united a universal message in a land often separated by language and cultural differences. And for this Momma, what a great way to laugh at myself shake off the self-imposed frustration and find patience. Share your story or follow mine @lifthearted on instagram.

Be well (middle finger gesture)!

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