Becoming Essential

November 7, 2022

By definition, becoming essential is becoming necessary. If you’re not necessary, what are you?

Here is my journey to becoming essential and finally finding peace, purpose and what success feels like.

We spend our days in the noise of expectations and unfulfilled wants. Scurrying with anxiety to hold up the pace of our environment, filling up the spaces of our insecurity with unproductive words and cliches. All to mask our gapping wholes and cries for true connection, because vulnerability feels ‘too real.’

“Crazy busy” is a badge of honor we use to keep real conversations and intraspections at arms length, all the while sinking deeper into our own island of depressive feelings and smiling big for Instagram.

If you’re afraid of what I’m asking, stop reading now. You’re not ready.

But, if this resonates with you at the pit of your gut, it’s time. You’re ready to become essential.

Owning your Time and Energy

When you are becoming essential you decide that your time and your priorities have value. You no longer spread yourself thin and ignore your own needs. You can’t pour from an empty cup and no one will ever see your needs more essential than theirs. If you don’t set goals for your own future, the future will be decided without your choosing. There is no perfect time or scenario to start, there will always be a reason not to prioritize yourself, so start now. I know you’ve heard this all before, but this is your personal wake-up call.

becoming essential

What is Essential?

This is the million dollar question I hear from clients. Essential is starting with what actually matters in your life and what aligns with what you want for your future. It’s really that simple.

The question I start with is, “What do you want?”

Answers range from better relationships to Job opportunities and all the physical and health benefits in between. Easy, right? You’d be amazed how difficult it can be for some clients to answer that question. Many of us have become so conditioned to believing that what we want should never supersede the wants and needs of those around us. What if my colleagues don’t respect me as their boss? Or, I can commit to a healthier eating once my kids are back in school. My absolute favorite, my life is too busy to do physical therapy for my injury. I’ll just give up running, biking, hiking. Any of these sound familiar?

Reclaiming your time

You only have one life and it’s going to kill you. Sorry to be so direct, but the truth speaks for itself. Perhaps, Benjamin Franklin says it simpler, “Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.”

Start small and audit your time. Where is your time being wasted?

A fun exercise I practice in coaching is asking clients to look at their screen time analytics. How much time did you spend surfing clearance deals from your email box? What rabbit hole did a Facebook post take you down? What unproductive conversations are you having with your co-workers that create stress instead of solutions?

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You are a Leader

You may not be managing partner, CEO or VP of Global Operations, but you are the CEO of your own time. Taking on that leadership mindset and managing your efforts like a successful business is key to real change and living the life you deserve. No matter your occupation, title or responsibilities it is essential to know where your time is necessary and where it is being wasted. What’s holding you back?

Ready to Reach those Goals you’ve been putting off? Let’s work together. It’s Your Time!

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