The Banana that broke the camel’s back!

July 22, 2022

The Banana that broke the camel’s back

The Gravity of Dieting, your unique metabolism.

While gravitational force remains constant here on earth, that doesn’t mean that your food’s journey down the digestive tract is quite as reliable. Yes, were going to talk about poop. Some clients shutter at my probing line of questions, others are happy to announce their evacuation progress at our weekly sessions. Whichever side you take the fact remains, WE ALL POOP. So why is it a challenge for some and not for others and are the benefits nutritionally the same?

While your most personalized answers come from a clinical visit, tracking your food, sleep, energy and keeping a two-week bowel movement journal can give you substantial insight into your body’s relationship with different foods. What details am I journaling, you ask?

  1. Meals and meal times
  2. Sleeping times and duration
  3. Energy levels at wake-up, 3pm, bedtime
  4. Yep, Poop. Frequency, consistency, color

In all cases, food is our fuel and choosing the right fuel for you is paramount to having the energy you need. My personal story of Metabolic journaling helped me realize why I had chronic allergy symptoms after breakfast, but better throughout the day (eggs) and why runners love bananas but this one had to pass because eating more than a bite or two makes it impossible for me to ‘pass’ anything for days after, really draining my energy.

What are some of your unique dietary finds?

Be Well and When you gotta go, you gotta go!

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