Seasonal Recipes to elevate and excite your summer diet

July 22, 2022

It’s Hot out and we’re hungry! Sometimes the last thing I want to do in this sweaty mid-summer heat is to stand over the stove or preheat the oven. So, to find some seasonal recipes that are well-balanced, simple prep options I headed to the local Loudoun County farmer’s market for inspiration. This quest did not disappoint, or the atmosphere as happy patrons strolled smiling at our insistently waving one year old.

I was impressed to see so much available, everything from microgreens to wagyu beef and a chiropractor in between.  My first stop (after @weathervanecoffee), was an Italian cheese importer where I sampled cheese before landing on a delicious buffalo mozzarella. Ripe cherries, fresh heirloom tomatoes, small batch organic granola, watermelon, squash, berries and even candles and floral bouquets later our stroller was stuffed, and we were ready to head home and start “cooking.”

Seasonal recipes


Yes, its just as simple as the name. Slicing and Stacking alternating pieces of the buffalo mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes, coarse salt, pepper and a balsamic vinegar drizzle and you have a tasting, filling and appetizer or meal.


Crazy? It’s actually incredibly delicious and just seasoning and a few moments on the grill. Add salt and lime zest to bring out the sweet.  Other suggestions include chopping to add to favorite salad or topped with crumbled feta and mint to stand alone


With all those delicious cucumbers, tomatoes, and fresh wild fish options this summer, ceviche is the perfect choice.  Now, no matter how many times I make ceviche I ALWAYS pull a recipe to make sure my acid to onion ratio is correct.  Here’s my favorite new recipe from Feasting at Home,, shrimp and red snapper are my favorite. 

So here you go! Thrill your guests with no time at all. More Adventures @lifthearted

Be well and Summer On!

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